To put it shortly the fastest way to lớn spot kém chất lượng Off-White Air Jordan 4 Sail is to kiểm tra the medial text on both the interior profile sides of the shoes và the form size tag inside each shoe. Fake OW AJ4 Sail pairs always have these areas flawed, as they are common flaws in terms of printing and different phông weights for the inscriptions.

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Wondering how lớn authenticate the Off-White Air Jordan 4 Sail? Afraid of being scammed?

If so, then you are in the best place to lớn learn how khổng lồ legit check Off-White Air Jordan 4 Sail sneakers.

In this fake vs real Off-White Air Jordan 4 Sail guide, we are going lớn teach you how khổng lồ spot kém chất lượng Off-White AJ4 in just a few simple steps to lớn follow, & how to differentiate between the real vs nhái Off-White Air Jordan 4 Sail shoes.

If you are looking lớn learn how to lớn spot fake Off-White AJ4 Sail zip ties, please have a look here.

How to lớn tell if Off-White Jordan 4 Sails are nhái or real

You can tell if Off-White Jordan 4 Sails are giả if their form size tag has very thick inscriptions. A kém chất lượng pair always has bold text, while original pairs always present thin inscriptions.

Now, let’s proceed to the detailed ways khổng lồ authenticate the Off-White Air Jordan 4 Sail.

1. Medial text

As we’ve previously mentioned, we consider the medial text as one of the most reliable signs of authenticity when speaking of the nhái vs real Off-White Air Jordan 4s.

Therefore, this is why we are starting this Off-White Air Jordan 4 real vs kém chất lượng guide with the medial text.

1.1. Left shoe

The giả shoes have their stitching waving down on the left side edge, và it is also too thick on the left side.The fake Off-White Sail Jordan 4s have their stitching below the cage lacking chất lượng in terms of shape & weight.The stitching rectangle below the cage of the legit shoes is perfectly attached khổng lồ the shoes, having no stitch out of place & looking just like a complete rectangle.

Do you want to buy a new pair of Off-White Air Jordan 4 Sail but don’t know how lớn spot a fake pair? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

Before you continue reading this không tính phí authentication guide bear in mind that our Hype authentication department offers professional Jordan 4 Off trắng authentication services here. Connect và live chat with our legit check experts 24/7.

In this article, you’ll find ten different methods of spotting a giả pair of Off-White Air Jordan 4 Sails without even talking khổng lồ a professional authenticator. So, buckle up, because we’re in for a ride!

How to legit check Off-White Air Jordan 4 Sail?

The Outer Side Method

Starting from the left và moving to lớn the right, the first detail lớn focus on is the double stitching under the plastic cage.The stitching would be perfectly parallel in authentic pairs and have minimal space between each stitch. In contrast, as seen in the fake Off-White Air Jordan 4 example, a replica pair would have messy stitching with less consistency throughout the shoe.Take lưu ý of the transparency of the plastic cage, as a nhái pair tends khổng lồ be much more transparent than the authentic one. Additionally, check the shape of the cage: an original Air Jordan 4 Sails pair will have a straight & well-defined cage, while a replica might appear rounder.



3 easy steps to lớn authenticate an item


The “AIR” Method

Let"s zoom in on the "AIR" printing on the midsole, where the differences are immediately noticeable. An authentic "AIR" printing would be thin, tall, & placed quite far down, almost touching the edge of the midsole.In contrast, replica Off-White pairs often fail lớn copy the "AIR" midsole printing properly. The comparison below shows that the giả printing appears much smaller và thicker. Additionally, it is placed much higher up on the midsole, deviating from the authentic placement.


The Front Side Method

Continuing with examining the front side of the AJ4 Off trắng Sails, there are a few more differences worth noting. Firstly, the length of the authentic tongue is shorter than the giả one. An excessively long tongue is a common flaw found among fake pairs.Additionally, significant differences can be observed when comparing the two plastic "nets" closer to lớn the toe box. The fake net appears to take up more space, although this can vary depending on the shoe size. The crucial aspect to focus on is the thickness of this net, which is thicker in authentic pairs.Furthermore, in the Air Jordan 4 Off white real vs. Nhái comparison below, you can also observe another instance of inconsistent double stitching, a common issue found in replica versions.





The Inner Side Method

Moving on to lớn the fourth method, let"s inspect the inner side of the shoe, which also contains a few important details of this beautiful pair.First, pay attention to the printing underneath the plastic cage. In the giả pair, the printing looks thinner, which is especially noticeable when looking at the ™ mark.Second, observe the plastic cage once again. The nhái pair tends khổng lồ have a curvier shape, while the authentic one appears much straighter, as indicated by a yellow line.Lastly, focus on the perforations on the right of the text box. In the authentic pair, the perforation holes are more defined and clean. On the other hand, the counterfeit copy of the shoe often needs to lớn exhibit more consistent & messier perforations.


The Tongue Label Method

Moving on lớn the outer side of the tongue label, inspecting this area should allow you khổng lồ spot a replica Air Jordan 4 Off-White easily. Start by examining the stitching, which, as mentioned before, would be very clean và consistent in an authentic pair.Next, pay attention lớn the Jumpman logo. In the giả example below, the logo sản phẩm looks incorrect in its dimensions and details, such as the hand.Colors also play a significant role here. An authentic hình ảnh sản phẩm would show a lighter shade of grey. The difference is particularly noticeable when verifying the "Flight" writing at the bottom, as the fake one looks much more faded yet darker.


The Air Jordan Hang Tag Method

The last Air Jordan 4 Off-White verification method involves examining the Air Jordan hang tag that comes with every pair.Focus on the shape of the Jumpman hình ảnh sản phẩm itself, as it would be much more detailed in the authentic pairs. Moreover, you can observe the difference between the "Air" texts, as the real one is thinner và taller than the bulkier fake one.Additionally, check the corners of the beige square inside the authentic plastic box; they should be sharp. Meanwhile, as shown in the comparison below, the kém chất lượng hang tag has its corners looking rounder.


The Rear Stitching Method

The counterfeit shoes exhibit noticeable flaws, particularly in the vertical stitching, which appears excessively thick & short. Additionally, the stitching seems too deeply embedded into the Off-White Sail 4s. Moreover, the curved stitching surrounding and beneath the translucent patch is considerably undersized và bulky on the kém chất lượng shoes.In contrast, the genuine sneakers boast superior craftsmanship, evident in their thinner and taller stitching, which also sits less deeply within the shoes than the counterfeit ones.

The Heel Bump Method

The counterfeit shoes" heel line appears nearly straight, lacking any significant curvature. In contrast, the authentic Off-White Air Jordan 4 Sails exhibit a curvier line, accentuating a more pronounced heel bump than what is observed on the kém chất lượng shoes" heel side.

The Lace Cage Method

The counterfeit cage displays broader openings compared khổng lồ the genuine pair.As for the authentic shoes, their lacing cage features three slender rectangles at the top and three squares at the bottom.

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The Cross-Stitching Method

The cross-stitching holes on the nhái shoes are noticeably smaller, while the authentic pair"s holes are larger in size.